With Judge Greg Davis at a conference. Awesome human being who dispenses justice with humanity. Take note Kelvin!
At Arthur Taylor Place, Keri Keri. Beautiful spot. Not all that far from Rawene where I was born.
With Judge Davis and Lauren the former Attorney-General of Hawaii. she’s had an amazing life! Judge Davis established the Matariki Court in Kaikohe. Very innovative thinker.
With Minister of Corrections, Minister of Tourism, Minister for Māori Crown Relations, and Associate Minister of Education (Māori Education) Kelvin Davis at Keri Keri Airport.
With my brother-from-another mother (as he puts it!) Rope Punzel He’s Magic! Look at that beautiful smile.

With Christina at entrance to OCF
Wayne in the US. Had to laugh because at the time Trump was crowing about how his multi billion US$ border Wall was going to keep illegals out of the US and Wayne just sauntered on in right through the front door!
One Sunday morning I got a call from Wayne saying “guess where I am?” When he said Sydney, I didnt believe him so he went and got a photo at the Opera House!
He loved Las Vegas!