Love this Aussie bloke. Gets straight to the point. Warning: strong language, Karen’s and those easily offended should not view:[0]=AZXQHSDgGG-jBKmOQkEcbCGgNoJ6ASImdJ6ywpwvKo6Cqu–DbK0jxGxuY-jC7wRmHaQtu45mrj_brDylI1r8AOJqpfqLSptMe5OHLSs1XhPJ-eQwcl5qpCVWeI18EFqSMK0fje-l9dN-G-yzoeJ_5So0zesRg_OPOEM0oVeMcfBYLLGDR7bd2MSovxGSWsqASmYC44eyOWoJJWKy7wV1fiC&tn=-UK-R

Bad paperwork and torture: Will Arthur Taylor’s latest case against the Crown be his last? Kelly Dennett05:00, Apr 17 2022 ailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor and the Department of Corrections have been in a battle of wills for decades. Where does it end? Kelly Dennett reports.… Read More »

Arthur Taylor subject to cruel inhuman treatment – Ombudsman: chief executive implicated. rogerbrookingPrison conditions, Prisoners stories, Torture  February 16, 2014 6 Minutes During his current incarceration in Paremoremo, Arthur Taylor has got right up the noses of Corrections officials by repeatedly taking them to court. He asked the High Court to… Read More »

Love behind bars: The woman who fell for notorious inmate Arthur Taylor “No, I’m not one of those crazy women who write to men in prison, and no, I wasn’t looking for love. I’ve gone into this with my eyes wide open.”APR 02, 2018 1:00PM… Read More »

GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – How I was framed By The Daily Blog -January 16, 2021 Firstly, I am extremely fortunate to be able to write this blog.  If it was not for the determination of Alan Ritchie (Parole Board Panel Convenor) and Judge Emma Smith (District… Read More »